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Brendan Murphy learns of murder


Why publish this novel?

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Why publish this novel?

Orangeman Motor Hotel is a murder mystery and a satire of modern political activism. It is Notes From Underground meets Raymond Chandler meeting Charles Bukowski; set in present day Vancouver.

“Everybody is so damn morally superior in this city, but I don’t believe a word of it”, says narrator Brendan Murphy. Along the way he meets, a potential murderer; a high profile political activist, who happens to be his arch-enemy from the past; a business man who is aspiring to be a socialist; and some up and coming rock stars; and many more.

I believe men in the age 20-40 demographic, are underrepresented in fiction. Especially in Canada. Most men I know read little or no fiction. They read non-fiction, history and biographies. Oprah oriented fiction featuring the general theme of victimization is a smash hit with women, but a non-starter with young men.

I wanted to write a book for the guy who goes to work in the day and comes home and watches Band of Brothers. He browses internet blogs for news because he thinks the CBC is biased left-wing crap. I feel there is a huge untapped market. Stephen King can only write so many books for these people.

That is not to say that this book is off limits to women. If they enjoy a good who and why done it and don’t mind a politically incorrect narrator, this is a book for them.  You don’t have to be a conservative either but still would like read about the protestor/activist life being satirized. This is not a political book.

I attended an author’s workshop here in Vancouver late in the spring. My excerpt was reviewed by a woman who suggested that I seek an ‘underground’ publisher for my ‘subversive’ writing. Subversive? Members of the Canadian arts community ought to get out of their cosy little gated community more often. The people that I’ve met in the real world aren’t underground or subversive at all, they are the majority. They make a book a best seller!


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